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Do you want to solve a murder?
C’mon I’m really bored!
We haven’t had a case for days,
So do not delay,
And meet me at the Morgue.

I know you’re just a doctor,
But come help me out,
And maybe we could be friends?

Do you want to solve a murder?
It doesn’t have to be a murder!

John: Ruddy fine!

Sherlock: Come on then!

Do you want to solve a murder?
I got a text from Lestrade.
People have been shot in the head,
And now 4 are dead.
So let’s get to Scotland Yard.

Before my brother Mycroft,
Get’s involved.
And ruins the fun for me!

Mycroft: I’ll be mother

Sherlock: And there is a whole childhood in a nutshell.

John please I know you’re in there,
I should confess that I’m not dead,
Although you saw my body hit the ground,
I found a way round.
And I panicked so I fled.

It has been two years now,
So you have mourned,
And for some reason you grew a moustache… W-why did you do that John? Just why?

Do you want to solve a murder?

Note: As before: purely for fun. Also I don’t own any of this, except the modified lyrics, myself and the fangirledness that went into making it! Enjoy folks :P

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